Friday, August 28, 2015

Six Ways to Save This Wedding Season

Snazzy outfits, visiting with family and friends, delicious reception food, cake, dancing, and the beauty of watching the bride and groom exchange their vows before God...

What's not to love about weddings!

Well, maybe there is just one thing. All the travel, overnight stays, dressing up and gift-buying gets expensive. Attending the wedding of a friend or family member is worth the cost. The key is saving for these sunny days ahead of time.

The Fall months are a part of the peak wedding season and that means more weddings to attend! My family and I attended a wedding last weekend and, as a family of four, we do our best to stretch the travel budget.

Here are a few ways we are saving as guests this wedding season:

Wear Something Borrowed (or Rented)

Can't find the perfect outfit for the wedding? Borrow from a friend or rent from a bridal shop to save money and closet space. If you do decide to buy a new outfit, choose items that are versatile and will work for other occasions as well.

Make a Gift From the Heart

Get creative and put together a gift that fits the couple. For the DIY'ers, Pinterest is full of so many great gift ideas.  Even adding a little note for the Mr. and Mrs. gives the gift a more personal feel! If you decide to shop the registry, browse early to have more buying options before everything is already spoken for.

Repurpose Gift Bags and Tissue Paper

The next time you receive a gift - or a bunch of them - take a second to fold the bags and tissue paper. Simply reuse the next time you are the gifter and save a couple bucks. After a bridal shower, wedding gifts and two baby showers, I have enough gift bags and tissue paper to last my lifetime!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Whether you are traveling via road or air, pack snacks for your travels and for the day of the wedding. Bringing your own healthy snacks will prevent you from buying junk food at the gas station or airport. I always travel with a "snack tote" in our van mainly for the toddler, and me, too!

Share a Hotel Room or Camp Out

Price out hotels in the area and share a hotel room with a friend to cut the cost of overnight accommodations. If you're the outdoorsy type and the weather is favorable, pack up the tent or RV and camp out. For this wedding, we are camping with my extended family and it's going to be a blast! Check on shower availability to get rid of the campfire smoke scent before the wedding.

Skip the Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks at hotels or other wedding venues tend to be on the expensive side. If you plan buying a drink or two, check the prices before you buy and bring just enough cash with. Save money by skipping the alcoholic drinks and opting for complimentary punch or coffee instead.

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