Friday, July 7, 2017

Camping Trip Dos | B3 Week 22

We went camping for the pre-Fourth of July weekend at my favorite place ever, Itasca State Park. The wildflowers were in full bloom and summer storms stayed at bay, making it a perfect trip!

My mom has been keeping a count and it's crazy how much camping our kids have done in their short years! E (4) has been camping 10 times and W (2) has been camping 7 times. Granted, in an RV for majority of the trips, but that's my kind of camping when it comes to small children ;)

I did a lot of running with a half-loaded double stroller which gave me a little break on the rolling hills (37 less pounds at least). Little W and I found a couple patches of Showy Lady Slippers, the Minnesota State Flower, and some were a beautiful hot pink.

Like I said, it was wildflower galore along the bike path. I'm a little obsessed.

Itasca has a great network of paved bike paths, including a boardwalk, that are perfect for stroller running. The bumpy boardwalk tends to put W to sleep. There are some awesome non-paved trails, too, but those will have to wait for a time when I can run solo.

With no summer storms rolling through our camping trip, Saul was one happy camper! Honestly he is a perfect dog minus his crazy fear of thunderstorms.

We ate all kinds of food, the guys did a lot of fishing and I ran a few miles. Overall, it was another amazing camping trip and hopefully not the last of the year!

My Nasty Northern

B3 Pregnancy: Week 22 Wrap-Up

Baby Rocket is a COCONUT this week. I usually don't feel as big as I look. As I was leaving the campground bathroom, my very obvious bump caught me by surprise... and I wonder how baby is going to fit in there for 18 more weeks.

The heartburn has arrived and I'm feeling much "tighter" as Baby's growth is becoming more rapid now. Running is comfortable with the support belt and morning runs in the cool weather are best for me. I think that's how I will have to survive my first over-the-summer pregnancy!


5 miles on the boardwalk bike path at Itasca State Park with our dog and one in the double stroller.

E spent most of his time fishing with the guys so I spent some extra quality time with little W. We ran to the Headwaters and back (walking up hills, by the way) and enjoyed some HUGE ice cream sandwiches during our stop there.


Packed up and back home we went! The kids didn't sleep a wink on the 2.5-hour drive home. That was a shocker but thankfully they napped later that afternoon.


3 miles with the double stroller on a grocery run. And I was just getting used to pushing one kiddo in the stroller... I forgot how heavy two are! We went around 9 am that morning and it was already blazing hot, for me at least. 70 degrees with 70% humidity (all you southern runners can laugh at me). It's the humidity that kills me!


We had a play date morning and then Teeny Ball that afternoon. I stretched my tight hamstrings that evening (still possibly tight from the Itasca rolling hills) and called it a night.


What a weird morning. The kids slept great, the weather cooled off beautifully and what woke my husband and I up at 4:45 am??? A robin! That's what! I left our windows open to air out the house and apparently that early bird is our new alarm clock.

My sweet husband made breakfast and coffee while I laid in bed, debating on waking up or not. Then I ate breakfast and poured rotten half-n-half (and I had just bought it at the store!!!) over the coffee he so nicely had made for me. Pregnancy hormones got the best of me and I figured it was best if I just went out for a run before tears happened (blame the hormones). I promise I'm not usually an emotional basket case!

I ran 3 miles at the slightly still emotional pace of 9:24/mile (fast for my pregnant self). After a quick stretch, I returned to the house feeling much more level-headed. Somehow the breakfast I ate immediately before running didn't come up. That was a pleasant surprise!


TBD: Run day planned.



Are you a camper? A fan of RV camping or hardcore backpacking?

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  1. Your weekend sounds lovely. Is that state park in Minnesota? Is that where you live? I'd like to have a path like that boardwalk to run on. I do bet that trail could be challenging with a stroller. I can see why that would be a solo venture!
    I've only Went camping one time. I was 8 and my family went to the beach. My parents must have said that was enough because we never went again. It was hotels for us. But then gain we didn't have an RV, only a tent!

    1. Yes Itasca is in MN, a few hours where we are from. The boardwalk is beautiful but a little bumpy for super young little ones! Toddlers think it's fun :)

      We have very rarely tent camped since having kids. RV camping is hardly camping at all - just the way I like it for this season!

  2. You look so great! I'm impressed with your camping totals. Ours are very low it's sad but we made it that once and are hoping to go tomorrow for the second time this summer.

    1. The camping is all thanks to my mom - she's the camping date coordinator in our family! And the RV belongs to my parents ;) It is tricky finding a date to get away when the weather is also favorable. We're hoping for one more trip this summer too!

  3. We have never been a camping family but you make it look fun. Love the way you are documenting your pregnancy & looking great :)

    1. Thanks, Deborah! Camping is a blast, when the weather cooperates :)

  4. You are looking great and I'm glad you're feeling good too! I'm just a week or so behind you and I'm still so.very.tired.
    I'm curious about your support belt -- which do you use? I haven't felt the need for added support during runs but I do have a serious urge to pee as soon as I start running (even if I JUST went). I hope that isn't TMI! :) does a belt help with that?

    1. I use the "Gabrialla" maternity support belt and bought this one during my first pregnancy. The velcro is still hanging in there really well! Especially in the third trimester, I feel like the support belt helps to take some pressure off my bladder... and there's no such thing as TMI when it comes to pregnancy stuff, right?! :) Personally, it's helped me a lot with back support while running and bladder "protection".

  5. I'm not a camper (maybe if we had an RV?) but I do love wildflowers - so pretty!

    1. The wildflowers were just perfect on this trip! There were so many to see :)

  6. The camping trips sounds lovely. I'd vote for an RV too. Those flowers ARE beautiful. A coconut? Wow! Where have I been? I'm in awe that you are running. I wasn't a runner when I was pregnant -- and I would not have even thought it was a possibility.

    1. A coconut, I know - isn't that crazy?! The time is passing way too fast. Running has definitely helped my pregnancies but I am enjoying the super short mileage and slower pace :)

  7. Your camping trip looks like so much fun! What gorgeous trails! I never used a support belt when I ran through pregnancy, but I'm wondering now if I should have. Good job staying active!

  8. All of those flowers are beautiful...and the boardwalk looks like a great adventure ;-)

  9. Those are beautiful flowers!

    No camping or backpacking for me. :-) I did go to Machu Picchu via a walking/hiking trail and that was an experience. Not sure I would want to do it again.