Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hitting the Trails with Under Armour | UA Horizon RTT Review

Disclaimer: I received Under Armour Horizon RTT trail shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Trail running was my first taste of the marathon world, it's really what got me hooked. I love the varying terrain, the peace and quiet, and running free in God's creation. The trail feels like home to me!

2011: Aid station at my second trail marathon. They even served cookies & pretzels!

While I haven't ran in true trail running shoes in years (mostly because I prefer stroller running on pavement), my love for the trails was rekindled when, as a BibRave Pro, I received these Under Armour Horizon RTT trail running shoes.

The Horizon RTT's offer a strong sole that can withstand tough, rocky terrain with a high traction rubber lug outsole that provides dependable traction wherever you run. Whether it's a mix of trail and road or wild, rocky paths in the woods, these lugs dig in to give you more grip than regular running shoes.

I look forward to trying these on the ice and snow (minus the cold weather part). With that kind of traction, I may not even need my Yaktrax on every run!

After logging quite a few miles in my Horizon RTT's, I most appreciate their breathability and the protective outer part of the shoe. Dirt and rocks weren't able to sneak into my shoe while on the trail and yet my feet weren't suffocating either. Breathability + Durability.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Under Armour Horizon RTT trail running shoe. They are the most comfortable trail running shoes I have ever owned and are still durable enough for the toughest trails or just on my short little country jaunts lately.

If the trail running bug has bit you, sign up for the UA Mountain Running Series Killington and Copper Mountain coming up August 18 & 19 and September 9, respectively, using discount code "BIBRAVE40" to save 40%.

Even better, race the series in your own pair of Under Armour's Horizon RTT trail running shoes! They retail for $109.99 and come in a variety of colors. Check them out

B3 Pregnancy: Week 27 Wrap-Up

Baby "Rocket" is currently the size of LETTUCE and rolling and kicking is his/her favorite past time. The flipping and rolling caused some extra Braxton Hicks contractions this week, so I've been trying to drink more water and rest a little extra to err on the side of caution.

Per our visit with the midwife on Monday, all is going well and baby is measuring right on 27 weeks. Hello, third trimester!


3 mile run with our dog.


Ekhart Yoga's Runners Yoga video (25:28). I'm trying to make yoga more of a regular thing again. I feel so much better when I do!


3 mile run on the country roads with our dog again.


Ekhart Yoga's Vinyasa Yoga Flow (17:55). Yoga day 2 this week!


3 mile early morning run with the dog. The mornings have been dark and cool - perfect running conditions for Saul and me! We are hosting family from Thursday through Monday, so the days have been extra fun and busy.


Walks with the kids and visiting with our out-of-state family/guests. The days have felt long this week and I'm doing my best to rest when I can.


Rest day & more visiting!

Do you prefer the road or the trails?

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  1. Sounds like a good week! I need to do more yoga. Thanks for the links! I train more on road but I really like trail running too.

    1. The yoga/stretching time is really great! It's the easiest for me to put off but I'm always glad when I take the time to stretch :)

  2. That photo of you is brilliant. Baby is growing beautifully. I love trail running. I have a race coming up this weekend - it's a team event, one person will start us off with a 10k run, my husband will then do the 30k trail cycle, and I will finish off with a 5k trail! Really looking forward to it as the place has a lot of wildlife too!

    1. Thank you and good luck in your upcoming race!

  3. I love trails. But I love road running too. Each has its place in my training plan. Good to know those shoes are a winner. I don't think of UA when it comes to running shoes.

  4. I prefer running races on roads but most of my training takes place on trails because there is no traffic there! Perhaps I should look into those shoes!

  5. I'm sure I'd enjoy running on trails, if I had some nice trails to run on! As such, I don't have any trail shoes. Maybe one day. Wow! Baby is up to lettuce now! It won't be much longer.

  6. Great week of workouts! Those shoes are really cute. Next time I need a pair of trail shoes, I'll have to check them out!

  7. I prefer road but also enjoy trail. I find it that when I do a long run on the trails, I am not too sore the next day. Love it!

  8. I've actually only run on trails once. My husband loves them and is always trying to get me to join him. Congrats on starting the 3rd trimester!